International Charitable foundation trace of kindness was set up in 2014 May 15.

The foundation trace of kindness is created based on Georgian Civil Code and on 25 August 2016 State granted us a status of charitable organization.

Our aim is

To realization charitable and educational projects, help vulnerable mothers large family, single mothers, disabled persons, children with leukemia and cancer and so on.

We want to do not only financial help for them but also help them to discover their skills maximum in order to be able themselves to improve their social status and get their income by their own talent and work instead of helping.

Our mission

Is to build “house of kindness, “which will remain in the history as a symbol of kindness in Georgia and also there will be a place where we will be able to do charitable and educational projects in order to contribution to do even little merit to improve social condition in Georgia, develop and stronger the future generation.



An abstract from entrepreneur and non-profit legal entities The charity organization certificate confirming
Audit Report 2016